Graduate students of Executive Master in Public Administration of Guren Graduate Institute have successfully completed Harvard Management Program in Boston, USA and have received their Certificates at Harvard University.

Within 1 and half year program to prepare Leaders, Researchers and Managers, the students (government & private sector managers) who have successfully completed 44 courses based on the 3 main subjects of Harvard Management. The subjects being Manage Yourself, Manage Others and Manage the Business.They have visited Public Sector School, Business School and Law Schools located near Harvard University and participated in a training seminars dedicated for Guren Graduate institute’s Students. In addition the students of Guren Graduate Institute have officially participated in a “Harvard Asia Business Conference” forum organized at Harvard Business School.

Today, the graduate students will be heading to New-York from Boston to visit UN House. The students will also visit New York Institute of Finance and will be participating in an official event to sign an agreement of cooperation between Guren Graduate Institute and New York Institute of Finance.

New York Finance Institute prepares US financial experts and managers. It was established in 1922 next to the New York Stock Exchange, and is one of the oldest companies.

Based on the “Local Leader” – “Global Partner” principle, Guren Graduate Institute designed Public Management Master Program corresponding it to the Harvard University Program in order to prepare Government employee, managers and social leaders. From 2017, Guren Graduate Institute is planning to select 30 best candidates of a society from public and private sectors to enroll them in above program. The contest invitations will be sent to candidates starting from the 15th of March.

Our vision for next 25 years is to capacity build leaders who have the potential to lead politics, business and social sectors, and leaders who are willing to contribute their capabilities to National Interest and National Security.