”Researcher’s Word”, is the new book which was published by NNC Press Publishing and edited by Mr. Dolgion, is currently registered in a Tibet-Mongolian fund of US Congress Library.

The author of the book "Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador", International Relations Researcher and Professor Mr. Bayarkhuu Dashdorj has received his acknowledgement of the membership to US Congress Library of Washington on 8th of March 2017. Mr.Bayarkhuu has visited the Asian Division of the Library, and handed ”Researcher’s Word” and also contributed his personal work on foreign policy which was published last year, to Ms. Susan Monheit a Tibetan-Mongolian Fund Administrator of US Congress Library.

Ms. Susan Monheit, specialized researcher in Mongolian, Tibetan and Asian Studies, has worked as a librarian for many years and is very fond of Mongolia. She found it noteworthy that just before receiving the book from author Mr.Bayarkhuu, she was invited to Mongolian Embassy in Washington D.C and was rewarded by Presidential Decree “Fellowship” medal.

It took 2 years to finish the book for scientist and publicist Mr.Bayarkhuu, therefore the author has presented one of the biggest intellectual award for the readers on the year of the Monkey. Currently “Researcher’s Word” is not on sale yet, but the original book was sent to US Congress Library.