1) Education Research Center

Guren Graduate Institute is an active participant of education related forums internationally and nationally. We have organized workshops and trainings for professor and lecturers of National Academy of Governance, government organization Using “Blended Learning Methodology for Teaching Harvard Online Courses” in April in Mongolia and “Case Method Teaching Seminar” 10-11th of Jun, 2016 in Chile and Harvard ManageMentor moderator training on 23th of April 2016 in Singapore. For Business School of Mongolian National University we have trained 2 full time faculty members for 4 months as moderator for Harvard Online Management Certificate Course from November 2016 to February 2017 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We have also organized field trip to Boston for visiting Harvard Business School and organized training at Harvard Kennedy School for leadership team of Business School of National University of Mongolia between 21-23th of November 2016.

2) Food and Agriculture Research Center

Food and Agriculture Center has partnered with International Food and Agribusiness Management Association and Harvard Business School professor Ray Goldberg for developing food supply chain in Mongolia. Project has started in November 2016.

3) Public Health Center

Public Health Center has partnered with Nemours for using teenshealth.com and kidshealth.com multimedia contents for Mongolian school aged children for health education purposes. We have led “Soil Contamination and Sanitation” full scale research by request of Ulaanbaatar Mayors Office with Public Health Office.

4) Mining Management Center

Mining Management Center is currently working on “Corporate Governance of Mining Companies“ research project.

5) Commodity Market Center

Commodity Market Center is working with NASDAQ company for developing, customizing their Nasdaq OMX platform for Agriculture Exchange of Mongolia.

6) Public Private Partnership Center

Public and Private Partnership Center is developing policy recommendation guide for using public and private partnership approach for energy, road projects in Mongolia. We have organized several high -level training for Ministry of Energy and for private companies who is undertaking renewable energy projects in Mongolia.

7) Data Analytics Center

8) Diplomacy Training Center

Diplomacy Training Center has organized 1 year Diplomacy Training Program for 24 officers, including delegates from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Security between October 2013 and June 2014.

9) Art Management Center

Art Management Center is working with Christy’s and Sotheby’s for developing using their degree and non-degree art programs and certificate courses.

10) Mongolia China Business Center

11) Media Management Center

Media Management Center has organized short Media Content Management Course with Al Jazeera in Mongolia Apr.2015 and owns rights of translating documentaries and distributing them to local companies.

12) Public Management Institute

Public Management Institute has partnered with United Nations Institute of Training and Research for organizing training for “Public Debt Management” 3 months training for Ministry of Finance in 2015. Public Management Institute has also worked with Ministry of Construction and Urban Development for “National Spatial Data Infrastructure” project and led data collection of social and economic data of Mongolia and visited 364 soums of 21 provinces and done workshop for collecting spatial data information for local soums public officials between June, July and August in 2014.

13) Personal Development Institute

Personal Development Center has partnered with Institute of Personal Leadership and Columbia Business School for training our lecturers using Personal Leadership Certificate training in New York in August, 2016.

14) Guren Publishing House

Guren Publishing House translated and published “Make America Great Again” book by Donald Trump in February 2017 and now working on “Art of Lobbying” and “GRIT” book projects.